About the Society

The New Zealand Labour Law Society was established by New Zealand attendees at the International Society for Labour and Social Security Law XIX World Congress in Sydney in 2009. The goal of the Society is to provide a forum for research, ideas and discussion about labour and employment law (broadly defined).

The current Members of the Managing Committee are:

President: Professor Gordon Anderson, Victoria University of Wellington
Vice President: Professor Annick Masselot, Canterbury University
Treasurer: Mr John Goddard, Barrister, Lambton Chambers
Secretary: Dr Amanda Reilly, Victoria University of Wellington

Mr Graeme Colgan, Barrister

Dr Andrew Dallas, Chief of the Employment Relations Authority

Dr Dawn Duncan, Otago University

Ms Avalon Kent, Legal Officer, New Zealand Council of Trade Unions 

Ms Pamela Nuttall, Auckland University of Technology

Mr Peter Upson, the Public Trust

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